Honoring Moms with Memory Loss

If your mother has dementia-related memory loss, finding a meaningful way to celebrate her on Mother’s Day may pose a challenge. Honoring moms with memory loss on Mother’s Day may require a little more planning, but new traditions can mend the old ones with family support.

Change of Focus

Mothers are historically the center of many holidays from a background perspective. Mother’s Day is different as moms sit back and let their family take care of them. It’s hard to look past the constant reminders of how things were before the changes and long for those times again. While recognizing those feelings is a healthy part of healing, focusing on living in the moment will make them more memorable.

  • Involve the entire family as much as possible. Many hands do lighter work! You can also let them know about any new condition changes before the day to better prepare them.
  • Keep it simple. Focus on who your mom is now, and the things she currently loves.
  • Avoid lots of travel, restrict gathering to where she is most comfortable, and stay on her regular schedule.

The Best Gift You Can Give

Grandmother sitting with grandson and daughter

Spending time together doing what your mother enjoys on her special day is the best gift you can give her. Crafting, recreating a favorite recipe, or a simple walk together are some special moments you can share on that day. If you would like to share a gift, choosing ones that engage her senses and spark social interactions will give her joy now and when you can’t be there. Perfumes, soft blankets, and music CDs are some examples. Check out more suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts at The Alzheimer’s Store website.

Creating a Lasting Legacy Through Research

As a new mom, she may have temporarily struggled with remembering things and forgetfulness while she balanced life with a new baby. Now, memory issues haunt her once again. Their ransom payment of past moments, cognitive functions, and independence increases with each passing day. You may feel helpless, and she may feel it too.

Volunteering can change lives, Get involved in research studies!

If you or a loved one is experiencing memory issues due to dementia, or another related issue, upcoming research studies at Pacific Research Network may be an option. As a research participant with memory issues, you play a role in advancing future options for memory loss due to dementia or other neurological conditions. We also offer FREE memory screens for those concerned about their memory. Schedule your FREE screen today, or learn more about our studies by calling us at (619) 294-4302.






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