Know the Signs of Memory Loss in Grandparents

When a grandparent tells the same story over and over again, how do you know when it’s a part of getting older or something more? Knowing the signs of when to be concerned about memory loss can help give back to them as they have to us so many times over the years. Early diagnosis is a gift that allows grandparents experiencing memory issues more time to better plan, prepare, and participate in their care with their family. 

Signs it May be More than Memory Loss. 

While there is some memory loss expected as we age, Alzheimer’s and other dementias are different. They cause significantly impaired intellectual functioning that interferes with an individual’s ability to participate in day-to-day activities and maintain relationships. 

Signs of dementia or other serious memory problems may include: 

  • Repeating the same stories or questions 
  • Becoming lost in places a person knows well 
  • Inability to follow directions 
  • An impaired concept of time 
  • Failing to recognize or remember people and places 
  • Not taking care of oneself or one’s home 
  • Significant changes in logic and judgment 
  • Communication difficulties 
  • Changes in attention span and ability to focus 

Grandparent’s Day and FREE Memory Screens 

Grandparent’s Day is an annual celebration encouraging all generations to do something meaningful and engage with another generation on the first Sunday after Labor Day. This year, September 12th marks the celebration. It focuses on educating younger generations about the importance of seniors. The contributions and sacrifices they have made throughout history are the vital building blocks of today. Grandparents and children have a special connection. These relationships are proven to make grandparents live longer and make children more emotionally resilient. 

 have you felt lost in a brain fog?

If you’re worried about your loved ones’ memory, the best thing you can do is ensure they have their brain health assessed immediately. Their doctor will do a thorough physical and mental health evaluation to rule out other causes of memory issues. Pacific Research Network offers a FREE memory screen to help determine if your loved one would benefit from a complete evaluation. It also helps in establishing a baseline which is essential for anyone concerned about their future cognitive health. 

To schedule a FREE memory screen for your loved one, call us at (619) 294-4302. 




For those who are struggling with memory loss, a memory screen is a step in the right direction to keeping their minds healthy. Apply for a FREE memory screen today!


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